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For reasons that are almost certainly our fault, two of our advertisers for this summer’s conference didn’t receive our request for their ads. As a result, they didn’t make it into our program book. However, these are both podcasts that we’d be happy to recommend even if they hadn’t supported our work. Since we don’t want you to miss them, we’re advertising them here and on our social media.

Feeling nostalgic for a skepticism that doesn’t throw away social sciences as ideologically inconvenient? Brainstorm is a family of skeptical podcasts out of Canada.

Brainstorm logo: top-down drawing of brain with lightning sparking off it. Additional text: Woo free since 2013.


The Brainstorm podcast originated as a singular show produced with the intent to spread critical thinking, skepticism towards fringe ideas, acceptance of scientific consensus, and fact based information. Over the years it has grown into multiple shows covering a broad range of topics and a conference that brings speakers from across the spectrum of skeptical activism to Saskatchewan.

Meet the Feminist Coffee Hour. They’re a fun and informative podcast out of New York with a broad range of interests.

Feminist Coffee Hour text logo in purple on black with clip-art coffee cup.

Thanks to both Brainstorm and Feminist Coffee Hour for their support of Secular Women Work.

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