New city. New venue. Same great community and pool of expertise. Once again, Secular Women Work is running a track of programming led by female and genderqueer experts at Skepticon. We have an awesome schedule for you, and we hope you’ll check us out. Participate in our workshops, and come visit us at the Secular […]

For reasons that are almost certainly our fault, two of our advertisers for this summer’s conference didn’t receive our request for their ads. As a result, they didn’t make it into our program book. However, these are both podcasts that we’d be happy to recommend even if they hadn’t supported our work. Since we don’t […]

Just two days until Secular Women Work workshops at Skepticon. Come find us starting bright and early (enough) on Friday! Wiki Editing 10 a.m. History is only “real” if it’s documented, and Wikipedia has quickly come to be the central repository of that documentation. Bring your favorite wifi enabled device to help us record our […]

A few years ago, atheist and skeptic organizations started adding workshops to their conferences, and that was great. Workshops are hugely useful when you’re trying to become more effective, as the activist wings of both movements were, or when you’re trying to apply abstract principles to your life, as rank-and-file members of both movements were. […]

Skepticon has just announced that it’s open for workshop proposals for this year. Workshops are held on the Friday day of Skepticon from 10:00am until 4:00pm. Click here to fill out our application form to be a workshopper at Skepticon 8! That’s not all! We’re excited to announce that we will be partnering with the […]

Come August, the conference will feature a full slate of women and genderqueer activists. This week, we’re going to feature three such activists: Mandisa Thomas, Lauren Lane, and Desiree Schell. All three are spectacular and amazing, so we hope you enjoy them! Desiree Schell is a union organizer who is passionate about effective activism. Here, […]

The co-chairs of the Secular Women Work conference got together today for FreethoughtBlogs online conference to talk about the impetus behind the conference and what we have planned. Check it out! httpv://

Putting together a good conference gets expensive. Pulling together people who can educate as well as inform even more so. This conference is a project of Minnesota Atheists; Campus Atheists, Skeptics, and Humanists; and Secular Woman. None of us have the budgets of organizations who regularly put on this kind of conference (Center for Inquiry, […]

We are proud to introduce the Secular Women Work conference, a conference by and for activists. Do you want to build strong non-religious communities? Do you want to change our laws and our culture to be more accepting and accommodating of non-believers? Join us in Minneapolis in August 2015. We live in a society in […]