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Minnesota AtheistsMinnesota Atheists is Minnesota’s oldest and largest atheist organization. Minnesota Atheists is dedicated to building a positive atheist community that actively promotes secular values through educational programs, social activities, and participation in public affairs.

Minnesota Atheists is organized by atheists as a nonprofit educational corporation to promote the atheist viewpoint as a valid contribution to public discourse, to strive to maintain the First Amendment guarantee of separation of state and church, and to work in coalition with freethought and civil rights/civil liberties organizations where joint action is needed to achieve these goals.


Secular WomanSecular Woman, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to amplify the voice, presence, and influence of non-religious women.  Secular Woman envisions a future in which women without supernatural beliefs have the opportunities and resources they need to participate openly and confidently as respected voices of leadership in the secular community and every aspect of society.


Black Nonbelievers is a 501 c3 non profit secular fellowship dedicated to providing an informative, caring, festive and friendly environment. We strive to connect with other Blacks (and allies) who are living free of religion and irrational beliefs who might otherwise be shunned by family and friends. Instead of accepting dogma, we seek to determine truth and morality through reason and evidence. Mission Statement The mission of Black Nonbelievers is to…

• Provide secular fellowship.
• Nurture and support nonbelievers in coming out.
• Promote atheist pride.
• Organize nonbelievers for charitable causes.

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