Just four days until Secular Women Work workshops at Skepticon. Come find us starting bright and early (enough) on Friday! Handling Public Criticism 10 a.m. It’s going to happen to us all sooner or later. If we don’t get criticized, it’s because we’re not accomplishing anything. How do we keep our reactions productive? Stephanie Zvan   […]

with Amy Monsky, Debbie Goddard, Heather Hegi Friday 8:10 PM – Main Hall As the secular movement grows and matures, the face of its leadership becomes more diverse. Research tells us that’s great for our creativity and further growth, but it also comes with challenges. Diversity means diverse priorities and practices as well. Our panel […]

with Debbie Goddard. Friday 7:15 PM – Main Hall The secular movement has been through a tough few years. It’s made important progress, and it’s paid some heavy prices for that progress. There’s still work to be done, though. Debbie Goddard’s take on these challenges and what we can do to meet them is both […]