A few words from some of our sponsors and why they think this conference is worth backing:

[T]he secular/humanist/atheistic movement prides itself on being open, intelligent and liberal minded individuals -yet it continues to be male dominated leaving women to “be the secretaries” in the board room. We managed to break the glass ceiling to run the meetings and the organizations, but we are still undermined by the male majority within the movement. Cheers to you all for putting forth this event!

Kristin Wintermute, Executive Director, The Humanist Institute


Secular Women Work is the next step for secular feminist activists. We will gather, make connections, brainstorm, and increase our skills. We do all this so that we can release our vision within our local communities. This is one of the building blocks of the change we seek to create.

Kim Rippere, President, Secular Woman


Secular Women Work is a new conference, but one with an important focus and robust roots. As an atheist I very strongly and actively support secular issues. As a humanist, social justice issues, such as equality in opportunity and treatment of all human beings, as well. Over time I have become more active, particularly on-line, and it has increasingly become clear to me that the latter ideal is not accepted—indeed, is actively opposed—by a sizable number of individuals who purport to share with me similar non-religious and skeptical world views. Whole populations—defined by sex, gender identity, race, religiosity, or almost anything—are considered by an unfortunately large number of people “not equal.” The most noticeable among these, in my experience at least, is women. The predisposition toward suppression of women and their basic human rights is evident every day—in many mainstream religions, in numerous governing and judicial bodies, and, lamentably, in several communities that profess wisdom while proving witless. I have supported and attended all three Women in Secularism conferences sponsored by the Center for Inquiry, and will do so again in 2016 when the series continues. This new conference is closely aligned with issues examined during WIS, and takes advantage of a year hiatus in the series to gather current and future activists in a hands-on workshop environment to focus on issues critical to secular women—really to all of us—everywhere. It is unique among secular conferences in relying on Kickstarter to assess the community’s level of interest and willingness to support. I have helped fund the project and very strongly urge every thinking person to back it financially—right now. You won’t regret it!

Brian Engler


This conference is really going to focus on activism and how to do it effectively. So far they have some great people lined up to speak, including Mandisa Thomas, Lauren Lane and Desiree Schell, with many more yet to be announced. I was in Minneapolis to speak to Minnesota Atheists last month and had a blast, they’ve got a really wonderful community up there. This promises to be one of the best conferences this year.

Ed Brayton, FreeThoughtBlogs


Serious work needs to be done as we inch towards a more inclusive and secular society. Violence, sexism, misogyny, racism and oppression should have no safe harbor in a sea of rational thinkers. Conferences like this one help to give people the tools they need to chip away at the systemic hatred and bigotry we see, in an attempt to create a better future. Together we CAN make a difference.

Amy Davis Roth, Surly Ramics


This conference is going to rock your friggin socks off. All your base are belong to me.

Lauren Lane, Skepticon

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