Secular Women Work 2

Minneapolis, MN August 2018



Amanda Knief – Our Last Best Hope for Democracy: America’s Federal Courts
Mandisa Thomas – Not Everyone is Going to Make It
How to Offer Help Without Harm –  Debbie Goddard, Sam
Farooqui, Danielle White, Noelle George (mod)
So Many People! Organizing Groups – Bridgett Crutchfield,
Amy Withawhy, Cassidy Slinger, Ashley Miller (mod)
Resistance Through Art – AlysshaRose, Bridgett Crutchfield,
Gretchen Koch, Lauren Lane (mod)
Resistance Through Academia – Andy Gonsalez, Ashley
Miller, TBA, Stephanie Zvan (mod)
Resistance Through Direct Action – Bridgett Crutchfield,
Kelley Freeman, Danielle White, Chelsea Du Fresne (mod)
Imposter Syndrome – Jessica Ziao
Trans Allyship Training – Trinity Pixie
Direct Action Training – Kelley Freeman
Effective Use of Social Media -Sam Farooqui
Accessibliity in Small Group Spaces – Oliva James
Driving the Narrative – Stephanie Zvan
Slate of the Secular State: Policy Trends and Legal Development – Alison Gil
Getting Secular Voters on the Map – Sarah Levin and Sarah Frey
Finding and Vetting Speakers – Chelsea Du Fresne
What Flavor is My Activism? – Monette Richards